Technology Company Pivots to Enter $108 Billion Global Automation Market

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AR Systems, a technology company known for developing world-class automated retailing solutions, announced that it is utilizing its core expertise in system design, engineering, automation, back-end management and technology integration, to open opportunities in new vertical markets.

AR Systems will also continue to develop customized automated retailing solutions that increase customer convenience, reduce labor, increase distribution points, control inventory, and improve revenues.

“Our team is respected for developing world-class automated systems, custom user interfaces, and superior back end management modules,” said Glenn Panagakos, President of AR Systems, Inc. “ We are now using this core expertise to create growth opportunities in new vertical markets.”

The company recently engineered the automation system, user interface, and remote management for Grow Pod Rx – a leading manufacturer of fully-automated indoor growing environments. These portable farms can be placed anywhere and are controlled from any smart device or computer via a custom designed AR Systems’ management portal.

“The possibilities of this system are limitless, and we are thankful to AR Systems for their expertise,” said George Natzig, President of Grow Pod Solutions, Inc. “The powerful automation that controls the Grow Pod module, allows it to be set up anywhere – such as a remote village to feed the hungry, or in an urban environment where access to quality food is limited, or next to a restaurant so that chefs can use the freshest produce possible, or for an entrepreneur or farmer that wants to bring crops to market year round with optimized harvest schedules.”

AR Systems is providing their expertise to established and emerging markets that benefit from innovative system engineering, automation, intuitive interfaces, remote system management, and technological solutions to everyday challenges. The company develops technologies that connect people to machines, through system automation, management controls, and user interfaces for a variety of market sectors, including retailing, agriculture, pharmaceutical, vending, and human engagement.