New Software Company Helps Utilities Avoid Multi-Million Dollar Fines and Felony Convictions

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AyaWorks is a provider of innovative pipeline compliance management solutions and services for oil and gas and utility companies that can help companies avoid fines and penalties, like the one just imposed on PG&E.

A federal judge sentenced PG&E for crimes linked to the deadly San Bruno pipeline explosion, imposing the maximum fine of $3 million and branding the utility as a convicted felon. The judge also ordered PG&E to submit to court-ordered supervision of its natural gas operations.

AyaWorks has developed a secure Web-based geospatially-enabled service delivery platform that connects the office to the field, providing utility companies with the most accurate and current data to protect and manage their pipeline infrastructure, as well as supervise operations and mobile work forces.

AyaWorks embeds pipeline safety management into a utility company’s daily field operations through proprietary technologies that automatically generate compliance and maintenance reports from the field, as well as capture corrosion protection information in real time using satellite data to reduce maintenance costs, protect pipeline integrity, and improve company’s infrastructure and reputation.

The cost of integrating the AyaWorks system into a utility company is quite low, as compared to the cost and risk of not updating to this new technology.