Why We Hope Flip or Flop FLOPS

Why We Hope Flip or Flop FLOPS

We hate this couple – and the show. Tarek and Christina El Moussa of the HGTV show Flip or Flop announced recently that their marriage is almost as dead as the life in their eyes. The story was that the cops responded to a call about a suicidal dude with a gun and when they showed up to the couple’s Orange County house, they found Tarek running out of there with a gun and Christina shaking and crying. The cops didn’t arrest anyone, but they did confiscate a bunch of guns that Tarek had locked up in a safe.

After that messy shit went down in May, Tarek and Christina were supposedly working on their broken marriage and ultimately decided that they want to break up after 7 years of being married. But then People magazine said that the only thing they’ve been working on since May is rubbing their down-low parts on another piece. And to think, they look so genuinely in love…

People’s sources say that Tarek and Christina’s marriage was already floating belly up in the sewers of Yorba Linda before he lost it in May. That incident reportedly had nothing to do with why they ended things. Sources say that they’ve been over since at least May and living apart. Christina lives with their two kids in their home and Tarek visits a few times a week.

Moreover, this show promises something it doesn’t deliver: a struggling couple, stung by the real estate market downturn, putting their entire life savings into flipping houses. “Will they make it?” seems to be the premise of these attractive Southern Californians’ dramatic narrative. Instead, what we get is a vacuous couple cavorting around in their Escalade picking up distressed properties with someone else’s money, bringing in their contractor to slather them with taupe walls, laminate floors, granite counters and vinyl windows; staging them with fake plants and Best Western-quality furnishings, and always making a handsome profit.

So what you have are two pretty people playing with other people’s money, doing lowest-common-denominator flips, and always making a profit.