The New Website that is like eBay for Marijuana

The New Website that is like eBay for Marijuana The Big Green Exchange (PRNewsfoto/Big Green Exchange)

Cannabis growers list their products on the site, and can either offer them for auction, or set a specific purchase price.

Buyers, such as dispensaries and manufacturers of edible products or concentrates,  scroll through all the products for sale, and complete a purchase with a click of a button.

It’s fast, it’s easy, and it’s legal.

As reported by CannaNews, The Big Green Exchange is changing the way cannabis is bought and sold in America. The company launched its upgraded online software platform geared toward helping connect growers with manufacturers and dispensaries in California.

 “The wholesale platform is pretty new, but it’s already pretty popular,” says Josh Artman, Founder and CEO of The Big Green Exchange. “Farmers never know how much they are going to produce. Sometimes it’s a down year and sometimes it’s an up year. If you have excess supply and you want to sell it to a dispensary, you actually have to go visit one of the many thousands of dispensaries and let them know you have extra product,” he said.

 The Big Green Exchange streamlines the process by allowing farmers and dispensaries to connect online.

The company recently reported a record number of transactions.

 “We are pleased that our platform is connecting more cultivators with manufactures and retailers,” Artman said. “Our goal is to improve cannabis access and distribution by providing online direct access to high quality, pesticide-free cannabis.”

 “Some said that this business model would never work, because people want to see cannabis before purchasing,” Artman said. “But look at Blue Nile – they sell diamonds online and are very successful. And like Blue Nile, we offer a 100% guarantee on every product we sell,” he added. “Plus, our success speaks for itself. Every day, more growers and buyers are connecting on our platform.”

Currently, the Green Exchange service is only for California licensed growers, dispensaries and manufacturers, but the company says they are planning on expanding to other legal states in the future.

California is far and away the largest legal cannabis market, by some estimates bigger than all the other legal states combined. However, due to the state’s geography it can be very difficult for a grower in the prime Mendocino area of Northern California to connect with a buyer in sunny Southern California. Until now.

The Green Exchange allows buyers anywhere in the state to scroll through products for sale, make a purchase, and have a state licensed distribution company deliver the product to the buyers door. The distribution company can also arrange to have the product tested for contaminants and chemical properties prior to delivery.

It was only a matter of time before technology caught up with the burgeoning cannabis industry.