What Dads Don’t Want this Father’s Day

What Dads Don't Want this Father's Day

This is the time of year that magazines are filled with reports about what dad really wants for Father’s Day. We are here to tell you to ignore them all. Those product mentions are usually the result of some clever PR person, and not because the writer actually has any experience knowing if Dad will actually appreciate the gift.

With that in mind, we’ve set out to provide the comprehensive list of What Dads Don’t Want this Father’s Day.  If you see it on this list, avoid it.

  1. Ties – Kind of goes without saying. If you need more explanation, you’re beyond our help.
  2. Cologne/After Shave – Since you told Dad that you don’t like his Old Spice, he has been reluctant to buy or wear anything. Do him a favor… Tell him you really do like Old Spice, and leave his scent up to him.
  3. Mail Order Steaks – Sounds like a great idea, but really, who wants a carton of frozen meat? Plus, who’s going to cook all this food?
  4. A Gift Card – Seriously, the lamest gift ever.
  5. Clothing – Never get him any type of clothing of any kind. You’ll never get him what he wants or likes… mostly because he doesn’t know what he wants or likes.
  6. Mugs: Coffee or Beer – Grow up. Dad isn’t in college anymore. He doesn’t need another novelty mug.
  7. BBQ Equipment – He has everything he needs, thank you.

So just what should you buy for your wonderful Dad on Father’s Day? The fact is, you can’t afford anything he really wants: Like a ’67 Jaguar Convertible, or a Fishing Trip in Alaska, or the new OLED Ultra High-Def 65″ Television, or a Jet Ski.

Our advice: Just tell him you love him, that he is your hero, give him a hug and bring him his morning coffee. That’s all you really need to do.