Meet the World’s Youngest Billionaire (and her older sister)

Meet the World's Youngest Billionaire

Alexandra Andresen is the world’s youngest billionaire. She and her sister Katharina, one year her senior, came into their 10-figure-fortunes when their father, Johan Andresen, transferred 42% of family-owned investment company to each of them. Now, they each have a net worth of about $1.2 billion.

The Andresen family has been a household name in Norway for over 100 years, primarily known for its tobacco brand, Tiedemanns.

In 2005 the family sold its stake in the tobacco business to Skandinavisk Tobakskompagni for $480 million.

Today Ferd runs hedge funds, is an active investor on the Nordic stock exchange, and has private equity investments.

Neither Alexandra nor Katharina works for the company, which is still run by their father Johan who controls 70% of the votes via a dual-class share structure.

Alexandra is a three-time junior Norwegian champion in dressage riding.

Her sister, Katharina, has wasted no time in boasting of her dream life, sunbathing on super yachts, enjoying champagne-fueled holidays and driving luxury cars.

Katharina Andresen
Katharina Andresen

But the stylish 20-year-old Norwegian socialite insists that she does not have it easy.

As well as complaining about the conditions at her digs at Amsterdam University College where she has just enrolled, she has told interviewers of the difficulties of growing up with fantastic wealth.

Posting a picture of her dormitory room, the tobacco heiress lamented the loss of “my big room, my pop art, my clothes, shoes” and slammed the “small sh**ty student dorms” which she is now forced to call home.

The jetsetter revels in back-to-back holidays in exotic locations – including on the Sunny Hill super yacht, a chartered boat with six crew that sleeps 12 guests in five staterooms, and costs $53,752 per week to hire in the summer.

World's Youngest Billionaires

The extravagant vessel boasts fine dining facilities, a cinema-quality television, wood-paneled interiors and a jacuzzi on deck.

The older Andresen also has an enthusiasm for expensive shoes – particularly Jimmy Choo and Valentino – and is an avid collector of pop art.