Vicente Fox Compares Trump to Hitler

Vicente Fox Compares Trump to Hitler

Former Mexican President Vicente Fox gave a stirring keynote address at the National Cannabis Industry Association Conference in Oakland this week, and covered an array of topics, including why he believes cannabis should be legal and regulated, and that the drug war that “has caused more harm than good.”

The overflow crowd was enthusiastic as Fox told the audience that he saw the devastation that illegal drug cartels caused, including murder, corruption, and terror of communities. He said that the legal cannabis industry is reducing crime, and that  that prohibition and the war on drugs started by President Nixon and continued by “stubborn governments” has resulted in the deaths of thousands of people, and “has caused a huge amount of harm.”

Fox noted that now there are responsible business people running the cannabis sector, instead of murderers and drug cartels, but also said it is important that the industry leaders continue to learn, exchange ideas and act responsibly. He urged the gathering to continue to “build trust” with customers by acting in a moral and ethical manner.

“Now we are generating many jobs,” he said.  “But we are not here just to make money, we are here to bring good things to our community, to our nation, to our world.”

Some other leaders, he said referring to Trump, act like they gain respect through fear and intimidation. “But you gain respect through love.”

“Now you have an extreme conservative government in the United States, that smells like a dictatorship,” the former Mexican president said.  “This government goes against the founding fathers.”

Fox talked about the importance of open markets. “We need open markets. But this guy (Trump) needs to learn a little bit about economy. Learn a little bit about trading. Learn a little bit about how markets behave.”

“These leaders like Hitler, like Napoleon like Chavez, Like Trump – It’s negative leadership. It’s selling dreams that come out of ignorance,” Fox said. “I love the other kind of leadership. You are a leader when you listen to others. When you get in someone else’s shoes to understand him.”

Fox painted a picture of a better future. “You bring harmony to the world when you invest in education, not when you invest in a bigger army…. and how the hell can you not recognize global warming?”

He concluded by saying that as citizens, we can make a difference. “The world belongs to humanity, not to Trump. Nations belong to their citizens, not to Trump. And citizens can shape their nations.”