The Two Hottest Sectors for Investors

The Two Hottest Sectors for Investors

Change is opportunity. When technology or market forces cause a sector to rapidly evolve or emerge, this change often presents significant opportunities for savvy investors.

Two industries are in this type of flux today: Automated Retailing and Legal Marijuana.

The retailing industry is moving toward automation. The CEO of Taco Bell’s parent company said in March that machines could replace human workers in 10 years.

Nearly half of retail workers are at risk of losing their jobs to robots and other automation technology, according to a new report. Roughly 6 million to 7.5 million retail jobs “likely will be automated out of existence in the coming years.”

While this is sad news for retail workers, it offers a glimpse of the future of retailing. And those smart enough to capitalize on this trend may find themselves riding a wave of rising profits in automated retailing.

The automated retailing industry is forecast to be an over $275 billion market.

One fast rising company in the retail automated sector is Pharmabox. This sharply run company is not seeking to put Walgreen’s and CVS out of business. Rather, its business model is to provide an automated store in locations that are not served by the retail giants. And as retailing downsizes, automated retailing companies like Pharmabox will continue to expand.

The Pharmabox system carries about 2000 top-selling products – representing almost 75% of all pharmacy sales. The system is totally automated and can be located almost anywhere.

The company recently announced that it is raising capital for nationwide expansion. This could be a unique, limited-time, and significant opportunity for qualified investors to get on board a fast growing industry.

The other area that is ripe with opportunity is in the legal cannabis industry. Widely reported as the fastest growing industry in America, the sector offers opportunity for seasoned investors.

The smart money in the sector is with companies that don’t actually touch the plant, which is still considered illegal by the federal government. Companies like Kush Bottles, which makes the child-resistant packaging that is required by states with legal medical or adult-use cannabis programs, are showing consistent revenue growth.

Kush is the first cannabis company that is covered by a major Wall Street investment and analysis firm. The company’s stock (ticker: KSHB) is down from its high (probably due to uncertainty with the Trump administration’s stance on cannabis), it is trading at a relative bargain and presents potential opportunity for qualified investors willing to stick with it for the long-haul.

The trick to successful investing is in spotting trends. We’ve just unveiled two big ones. You can thank us later.




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