Sex Toy Hacking is Going to Get You

Sex Toy Hacking is Going to Get You.

It doesn’t matter how far you stuff your vibrator inside your underwear (or underwear drawer) because your neighbors, roommates and even total strangers will know what you’re up to in the bedroom thanks to an alleged security issue with a line of high-tech sex toys.

A range of high-tech vibrators from Lovense connects to smartphones and can be operated remotely, allowing long-distance couples to get kinky from afar.

But a security researcher recently found that the technology which allows the sex toys to sync with each other could cause a lot of embarrassment.

The Bluetooth-enabled gadgets range from air-pumping masturbation tubes for men to smartphone-controlled butt plugs.

They transmit radio waves that can be detected by anyone nearby.

The discovery was made by Alex Lomas of Pen Test Partners, who was able to detect the Lovense Hush, which is described as the “world’s most powerful” web-connected butt plug, while walking down a street in Berlin.

Using a Bluetooth discovery app, Lomas found that the sex toy popped up in a similar way to how wifi network names appear when you’re trying to get onto the internet in a public place.

The Hush calls itself LVS-Z001. Other devices use a similar identifier, he claimed.

Aside from the initial horror of people around you knowing that you are partial to a bit of world-wide-web enabled solo sex, there’s also the risk that someone with just a smidge of technical prowess could switch on the toy when you least expect it.

A total stranger walking past your bedroom could switch your smart butt plug to full vibration using their phone.

By accessing its commands, someone “could drive the Hush’s motor to full speed, and as long as the attacker remains connected over BLE and not the victim, there is no way they can stop the vibrations,” Lomas wrote in a blog post last week.

“Having an adult toy unexpectedly start vibrating could cause a great deal of embarrassment,” he added.