Deadpool 2: Watch the bizarre first trailer for the superhero sequel


Ryan Reynolds’s self-aware hero brushes up on his portraiture in the latest installment of the comic-book movie’s peculiar promotional campaign.

A distinctly peculiar teaser trailer for Marvel’s meta comic-book sequel Deadpool 2 has emerged.

Paying homage to the cult TV painter Bob Ross, the latest teaser – titled Wet on Wet – sees Ryan Reynolds’ foul-mouthed superhero donning the late artist’s impressive perm and mimicking his syrupy tones. Eventually, after several minutes of innuendo-laden monologue and exaggerated brushstrokes, we are finally treated to some footage from the upcoming sequel, including explosions, bloodied chainsaws, and its star making an unwelcome appearance at a funeral.

The new teaser is the latest salvo in what has been a decidedly unorthodox promotional campaign for the superhero sequel. Last week the character guest-edited a special souvenir issue of Good Housekeeping, in which he offered tips on how to carve a turkey and provided a recipe for something called “creamy clam skinny dip”. Earlier this year, Reynolds shared a new promotional short film that saw Deadpool fail to prevent a back-alley murder after spending too long changing into his costume.