Marijuana Vending Machines Have Arrived

Marijuana Vending Machine.

The cannabis vending machine has arrived. A few companies have tried it before, but none have succeeded… until now.

Grasshopper Kiosks ( has developed an automated sales system for the legal cannabis industry. Unlike previous attempts by other companies to create a “marijuana vending machine,” which have failed, Grasshopper has succeeded by developing a unique software backbone that interfaces with most inventory and sales tracking systems as required by state’s regulatory commissions.

Grasshopper’s systems are compliant with regulations pertaining to the storage, dispensing and tracking of legal cannabis products. The systems are ADA compliant, and were purposefully designed to work in accordance with the complex regulations that govern the legal cannabis industry.

The Grasshopper line includes several configurations of both Self-Service and Teller-Assist Kiosks that can efficiently dispense up to 60 unique SKU’s via a large high-definition touchscreen display menu – making it a powerful tool for legal marijuana dispensaries to promote and sell their most popular products, including flower, concentrates, pre-rolls, edibles, accessories and vaporizers.

The company also recently released its Grasshopper Locker system designed to  allow customers to pre-order and pick up items later, as well as efficient and compliant inventory management for delivery dispatch hubs. Grasshopper has also developed a compact Wall-Mount unit, designed to promote quick sales selections in a retail environment.

These systems will not put marijuana vending machines in schools and street corners, as many have claimed. They are intended to be used in a highly regulated environment, in approved, licensed facilities.