Neil deGrasse Tyson Reveals The Scientific Mystery That Keeps Him Up At Night

Neil deGrasse Tyson Reveals The Scientific Mystery That Keeps Him Up At Night.

Scientist Neil deGrasse Tyson might seem like he knows everything there is to know about the universe. But there’s a lingering scientific mystery that keeps him up at night, and it’s not the possibility of alien lifeforms. No, it’s a problem that could unravel everything we think we know about the cosmos.

Dark Gravity, he says, along with Dark Energy, is out there in space and in forcing the universe to expand more rapidly.

“This dark energy in the future will render the universe so large, that all the galaxies will have expanded beyond our horizon.”

His statements come on the heels of his lecture when he stated that Islam is stunting scientific advancement.

According to him, the decline of mathematical innovation in the “Islamic world” around the 12th century AD was caused by the rise and spread of Islam. He references the 12th century Islamic cleric Hamid al Ghazali, who advocated a focus on spiritual endeavors rather than scientific endeavors.

One of the most intellectually fertile periods in the history of the human species, was undone, according to Tyson, by these Islamic ideals of strict spirituality.

“If something falls, and you say, ‘Allah did that.’ If you’re content with that, you will not be the one who discovers gravity. If you’re content with everything you see as being the will of a divine force, you have been removed from the equation of all those whose curiosity leads to solutions to problems,” he said.