America’s Finest (unknown) Entrepreneurs

Pamela Donner: America's Finest (unknown) Entrepreneurs.

Meet the unsung heroes of the American economy. These are the people that keep the gears of capitalism alive, by creating jobs, managing and growing businesses, and innovating.

While many pages of press are devoted to those with big PR budgets like Elon Musk, there are many in business that are also worth praise, and have managed to build businesses and make important contributions outside of the limelight.

We think it’s time to shine the light on these amazing individuals.

Pamela Donner – from Real Estate to Turnarounds to Gas Stations to Marijuana

Pam is a woman that wears many hats, and we mean that literally. Known for often donning a motorcycle helmet and cruising the byways of the Arizona desert, Donner has an amazing array of business and personal interests.

Donner started her career in the commercial real estate industry, and served as vice-president for a Phoenix area developer. She became known for her sharp skills and became a court appointed receiver for distressed real estate properties. She displayed an uncanny knack for getting troubled businesses back in the black, and is now one of the nation’s leading turnaround experts.

She formed Coreland Donner Companies, which became a significant multi-state full-service real estate company.

She later sold the company and purchased several Chevron gas stations in the Phoenix valley. Ask Pam anything about a gas station, and she can give you an informed answer. In fact, her expertise in running profitable stations led to her getting requests to become a Receiver and operate troubled gas stations throughout the Southwest.  At one time, she was the only Receiver that Chevron would accept.  In all, Donner has done over 450 receiverships and has an unsurpassed record of successful turnarounds.

Recently, she turned her business acumen to another field: Legal marijuana.

Donner was called on to operate three Arizona medical marijuana dispensaries as a court appointed receiver. She stayed on and became Director of Operations for two of these dispensaries.

Currently, Donner is CFO of GENIFER M, a cannabis inspired jewelry company founded by her husband Glenn Murray and his daughter, Genifer.

GENIFER M is the only luxury marijuana jewelry collection in the world, and Donner is expanding its distribution to included upscale cannabis dispensaries and traditional jewelry stores, in addition to its robust online sales.

As a woman who always puts the pedal to the metal and goes full force into all of her ventures, Donner is now a highly active participant in the national cannabis industry, and a leading voice in the development of rules that promote a well-regulated, safe and successful market.

Our hats off to the woman that wears many: Pamela Donner – a true American entrepreneur.