Donald Trump says interview with Mueller could be “Perjury Trap”

Donald Trump says interview with Mueller could be "Perjury Trap"

If you tell the truth and have nothing to hide, there won’t be any problems. That sounds like the kind of advice you’d give to a 10-year old facing the school principal. Unfortunately for Americans, this is what the president of the United States is now pondering, and he said that a meeting with investigators would be a trap.

Donald Trump says he fears that an interview with the special counsel Robert Mueller would be a “perjury trap” – while pointing out that he could “run” the Russia investigation himself if he chose to.

In a wide-ranging White House interview with the Reuters news agency on Monday, the US president expressed fears that investigators could compare his statements with those of others who have testified in the inquiry, such as the former FBI director James Comey, and that any discrepancies could be used against him.

“Even if I’m telling the truth, that makes me a liar,” said Trump. “That’s no good.”

But he also asserted his authority, as president, over the investigation. “I’ve decided to stay out. Now, I don’t have to stay out, as you know. I can go in and I could … do whatever, said Trump. “I could run it if I want.”

Rudy Giuliani, one of Trump’s legal team, has regularly warned that being interviewed by Mueller in the investigation, which is looking into Russian interference in the 2016 election and allegations of collusion between the Trump campaign and Moscow, would be a perjury trap for the president.

The statements came only hours after Trump renewed his attacks on Mueller in one of his regular morning Twitter storms. He described the former FBI director as “disgraced and discredited” and repeated claims that the investigation was a “Rigged Witch Hunt” while calling it “a National Disgrace.”