The Great American Divide: Is “A Star is Born” the Worst Movie Ever?

Forget Democrats vs Republicans. Ignore Climate Changers and Climate Change Deniers.  Pass over Trump vs the world. The most pressing issue facing America right now is whether or not Bradley Cooper’s remake of “A Star is Born” is the worst movie ever.

We are here to settle the issue once and for all.

NO – it is probably not the WORST movie ever made… However, it is among the 5 worst movies ever to disgrace the silver screen.

Here are just a few of the reasons why:

  1. Bradley Cooper is a self-indulgent, narcissistic actor, who should not have been handed the reins to direct. He has the camera linger on his face so much that you’d think he actually doesn’t want to see anything else on the screen besides his pretty face.
  2. Cooper needed a stronger director to tell him when his performance was over the top, or without an arc. Cooper was great in the first 10 minutes of the film, as he unveiled his character as a grumbly-voiced alcoholic musician. Unfortunately, this portrayal never moves forward, and Cooper acts pretty much the same in scenes where his character is drunk and when he is sober. There is no growth. There is no depth. It is just the type of one-dimensional characterization that many Americans love and can relate to. It is a “Bumper Sticker” performance… Easily understood at a glance, and without substance.
  3. Lady Gaga needed a stronger director. She wasn’t bad, considering it was her first time in a major motion picture, but if she threw her hands over her face one more time (her “go to” gesture when she was feeling overwhelmed), she would have gotten an award for the worst performance of the year.
  4. The editor needed a stronger director. Obviously, Cooper can’t play guitar. But can we at least have shots of him moving his fingers on the fretboard in time to the chord changes? It is pretty ridiculous when Cooper changes his chord position on his guitar when there was no chord change in the song. Sorry, we don’t want to be so picky, but after about 100 of these types of problems, the entire film winds up being a big, fat disaster.
  5. The film was way too long. This could have been a nice 90-minute film. But at over 2 hours, it was exhausting.
  6. Cooper also co-wrote the screenplay, which also heavily contributed to the downfall of this mega flop. This was one, big, fat, ego rush for Cooper. Like a spoiled kid handed the keys to the palace… he just messed it up.

We could go on, but it probably won’t convince anyone or change anyone’s mind. The fact is, like Trump, you either love him or hate him… and that’s how this movie is going to go down in history.