The New Medical Breakthroughs That Frighten Big Pharma

The New Medical Breakthroughs That Frighten Big Pharma.

There are several new medical treatments that offer non-pharmaceutical methods of treating health conditions that are gaining a lot of attention… and for good reason. These non-pharmaceutical treatments are proven effective, and in some cases, are creating a large hole in the lock that big pharma has on treatment options.

Of special note is a new non-pharmaceutical method to treat Erectile Dysfunction.

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is when a man is unable to achieve or maintain an erection for satisfactory sexual performance. ED is estimated to affect one in every five men.

Pharmaceutical treatments such as the brands Viagra and Cialis, are commonly prescribed as treatments, but a significant proportion of men do not respond to therapy. Additionally, there are side effects to these medications and long-term use can cause further complications and reduced effectiveness.

Shockwave Therapy

Low intensity extracorporeal shockwave therapy has been introduced as a treatment for ED. In seven randomized controlled trials, a significant improvement was seen in men receiving the treatment.

Shockwave treatment stimulates growth of new blood vessels and results in increased blood flow to the penis. The rationale of this treatment option was derived from cardiac literature reporting that shockwave therapy promotes improvements in neovascularization (growing new blood vessels).

Shockwave therapy is FDA approved and has been used for a variety of health conditions, including in orthopedics, and is often used as a treatment for pain and to increase local blood circulation. Although treatment for ED is an “off-label” use, studies have shown that it is an effective tool in providing improvement for erectile dysfunction.

Some doctors are using a branded shockwave system called “GAINSWave” with specific protocols and devices developed in part by Dr. Richard Gaines. Some doctors use other brands of shockwave devices in their practices.

Dr. Gaines recommends two treatments a week for three weeks. GAINSWave™ therapy is not covered by insurance and can cost between $3,000 and $5,000 for the series of six treatments.

Studies are showing the effects can last up to two years.

“When these sound waves hit the surface of a blood vessel, the endothelial cells respond, making new blood vessels and repairing themselves in a process called angiogenesis,” Gaines says.

The treatment takes about 15 minutes and some patients have reported an immediate response.

In a press release from GAINSWave, it was reported that “80% of men with ED receiving the GAINSWave saw a reversal of their condition, and 86% of all men receiving the treatment report positive results and improved sexual performance.”

In an interview, Dr. Gaines said that the procedure is “a natural way of growing new blood vessels, and decreasing the amount of calcium in those micro-vessels of the penis.”

However, one doctor that provides shockwave therapy said that the treatment may not “blast away plaque build-up” inside the blood vessels, but that it does promote the growth of new healthy vessels.


Platelet Rich Plasma

Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP, is a procedure that draws a small amount of blood from a patient, runs it through a special centrifuge to separate the various growth factors, which are then injected back into the patient. The treatment is used for a variety of conditions.

Many famous athletes — Tiger Woods, tennis star Rafael Nadal, and several others — have received PRP for various problems, such as sprained knees and chronic tendon injuries.

Platelet Rich Plasma is a nutrient and growth factor-rich portion of blood, and can also be used in cosmetic treatments such as the “Vampire Facial,” which was trademarked by Dr. Charles Runels and made famous by Kim Kardashian.

The treatment consists of extracting and isolating growth factors from the patient’s blood, then using a micro-needling device to create multiple micro-punctures in the patient’s skin, the growth factors are injected into the skin, which creates stimulus for tightening and rejuvenation while promoting collagen production. Finally, the growth factors are “painted” onto the micro-punctures so that they soak into the tissue for further stimulation of tightening and skin rejuvenation.

PRP can also be used as a treatment for Erectile Dysfunction.  While PRP treatment is a generic term used in many aspects of medicine including treating ED, the “Priapus Shot” or “P-Shot,” was also trademarked by Dr. Charles Runels, and is offered only through his licensed providers.

PRP is often used in combination with Shockwave therapy. The growth factors in PRP are said to help repair damaged penile tissues, increase blood flow and circulation in the penis, and temporarily increase the length and girth of the organ.

Some providers are using PRP as a treatment for hair loss. A study published in the journal Stem Cells Translational Medicine found that men receiving PRP treatment grew more hair and with significantly more density than men who did not receive the treatment.

Patients are reporting great satisfaction with the treatments described in this article. However, since the treatments are not backed by a large pharmaceutical company with an enormous marketing budget, these therapies are not widely known by the general public. The providers of these treatments simply don’t have the multi-million dollar marketing budgets to get the word out about these promising therapies.

If you would like more information about these treatments, you may wish to contact some of the providers listed below. They are experts in their field and can offer information to help patients make informed decisions about treatment and therapy options.

Shockwave and PRP Providers for ED

In the Los Angeles and Orange County area, contact:

Southland Urology

Drs. Alan C. Weinberg, Michael S. Gazzaniga.



In the San Diego area, contact:

ActiveMed Integrative Health Center

Dr. Jonathan Kalman, NMD



Center for Men’s Health

Dr. Carl Walker



PRP Providers

In the Los Angeles and Orange County area, contact:

Laguna Esthetics

Dr. Laura Ellis and Shien-Lin Saber, MSPAS, PA-C


(Vampire Facial, PRP for hair restoration)


In the San Diego area, contact:

Joy Wellness Partners

Carol Hanselman Bender, NP


(PRP hair restoration and facials, P-Shot)