Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide.

Take a look at our 10 Best Holiday Gifts and you’ll find the perfect item for everyone on your list!

DIY (do it yourself) Ravioli Kit

Make your own Italian masterpiece, starting with the perfect pasta dough!

Holiday Gift Guide.

Transform your own home-made dough into delicious gourmet pillows filled with porcini mushrooms and ricotta that’ll be sure to impress!

Kit includes: 00 Flour, Dried Porcini Mushrooms, Truffle Oil, Ravioli Stamp, Shopping Guide, Drink Pairing Suggestions, Cooking Instructions

Servings: about 4 people (35 ravioli)

Difficulty level: Medium – quite easy with a little practice

$ 29.99

Desert AZEE CBD Drops

Now legal throughout the nation, CBD has a wide range of healthful benefits.

Holiday Gift Guide.

Made with full spectrum CBD oil, Desert AZEE CBD Tincture is filled with all the original cannabinoids found in the natural hemp plant. Full Spectrum means the essential vitamins and minerals, fatty acids, fiber, protein, chlorophyll, flavonoids, and terpenes are still present. This provides tremendous therapeutic benefits.

Desert AZEE CBD Tincture is best used as a supplement or skin care product. To use as a supplement, simply use the dropper to meter out the desired dosage. The oil may be used by itself or mixed with a beverage of choice. To use as a skincare product, place directly on the skin or mix with your favorite skin care lotion or oil.

One glass dropper = 1gram of CBD, Net Weight 20g, 500mg CBD total. 

Tip: We love the orange flavor!


Cannabis Inspired Jewelry

These beautiful designs range from bold to subtle, so your jewelry can make a statement, or simply look like a pretty leaf design….  And no one will know the meaning, but you!

Holiday Gift Guide.

GENIFER M is one of the hottest brands both in the rapidly growing legal cannabis industry and in the jewelry industry. With features in many national and international magazines, and a television appearance with rapper 2Chainz, the public is eating up these artisan-created jewels and interesting designs.

It is the first jewelry company that offers high-quality cannabis-inspired jewelry that can be worn by anyone, in any type of social or business setting.

The company stands for freedom, respect, tolerance, inclusion, and diversity. They strongly support women and donate regularly to women-focused charities including breast cancer research and awareness.

The collection is hand-crafted in the Sonoran Desert in Arizona, and is worn by celebrities, musicians, businessmen and women, soccer moms, outdoor enthusiasts, fashion models, athletes, and just about everyone in-between. From the fun beaded bracelets that can be worn every day, to the diamond and gold pendants that range from basic to bling… every piece in the GENIFER M collection is an artistic expression that combines high quality materials with expert craftsmanship.

Bracelets, from $50 

Date Night Bucket List

With this bucket list kit just for couples, you’ll never find yourself asking “what should we do for date night?” Holiday Gift Guide -

Printed on a cute collection of birch wood sticks, the date night-invigorating prompts run the gamut from romantic reverie (pack blankets and pillows and go stargazing someplace secluded) to intellectual stimulation (attend a lecture at a local museum or university). Once you’ve shared each experience, note the date on the back of the stick with the official bucket list pencil!


Honey Potion Renewing Antioxidant Hydration Mask

Locally sourced honey comes from a farm in upstate New York, where happy, healthy bees pollinate echinacea flowers, infusing the honey with potent natural antioxidants.

Holiday Gift Guide -

This warming, hydrating face mask delivers intense moisture deep into the skin.
Healing honey, soothing propolis and amino acid-rich royal jelly nourish dry skin and give it the support it needs for a younger appearance and that dewy glow.

Essential B vitamins smooth skin while glycerin locks in moisture.


Saxx Underwear

They call this “Life changing underwear” and after putting on a pair, you’ll know why.

Holiday Gift Guide.

Every pair of Saxx underwear features patented technology designed to reduce friction and provide functional comfort. The Platinum Collection is the Rolls Royce of your underwear drawer. We also love the Ultra collection. You simply gotta try ’em!


Light L16 Camera

This compact camera that uses sophisticated technology to combine 10 different images into a single, stunningly detailed photo.

Holiday Gift Guide.

Light’s advanced image-processing engine captures 52 megapixels of rich data, creating high-quality images with striking details, realistic colors, and significantly less noise. The L16’s unique lens array allows photographers to make depth adjustments after they take the photo! With a range of f15 to f2, photographers can create the photo they want with this amazing technology.

Unlike most cameras, the L16 captures multiple images at different exposure values. When combined, final photos boast an impressively wide dynamic range—around 13 stops.


Marvis Contemporary Toothpaste

Marvis surpasses the traditional concept of toothpaste. Get some and ready your taste buds for a new sensation.

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Seven flavors that offer superb texture, compact size, an unmistakably fresh sensation, and an unforgettable smile.


Sneaker Cleaning Kit

This gift set comes with two bottles of ultra-effective cleaning fluid. It separates dirt from footwear like nothing we’ve used before.

Holiday Gift Guide

This secret formula has the perfect balance of effective stain-fighting ingredients, and it is kind on colors.

If you need a gift for someone who likes sneakers, this is the perfect choice.

Designed with suede and cotton canvas styles in mind, first brush away any dirt with the unique brush, then use the cleaning fluid to polish and shine.


Claus Porto Soap Gift Box

This exquisite set of handcrafted, triple-milled soaps is from Claus Porto, a leading house of hand-crafted soaps and fragrances. 

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These hand-crafted soaps are infused with fine fragrances, which draw on ingredients from Portugal’s lush countryside. These products are imbued with an artisan’s heart and soul, and are wrapped by hand in packaging illustrated with beautiful art work.

Featuring nine merry minis, this thoughtfully curated gift box showcases the entire range of evocative scents from the “Deco” collection. Charmingly packaged in signature prints.

The hand sized soaps come in the following fragrances: Citania-Jasmine Tiare, Voga-Acacia Tuberose, Cerina-Brise Marine, Banho- Citron Verbena, Chypre-Poinsettia, Madrigal-Water Lily, Elite-Tonke Imperiale, Favorito-Red Poppy, Lize-Morning Glory.