Trump’s Plan to Start a War with Iran


Taking a page from the George Bush playbook (the younger, dumber one), Trump sees a war as a great way to divert attention from the growing cries for deeper inquiries into his taxes, his business dealings, and the Muller report, which has been kept from the public and congressional view.

Additionally, history shows Trump that presidents usually win re-election when the country is at war. In fact, Trump has often mentioned how he would like to stay on the job indefinitely, and he points to Franklin Roosevelt and Putin as examples of how leaders should be able to keep the reins of power (or terror) for an unlimited period of time.

Of course, we will never know if Lincoln or FDR or Truman or Johnson or Nixon or Bush (the dumb one) would have won re-election if the county was not at war at the time, but to a man with the IQ and instincts of Donald Trump, it may seem like a good course of action to help assure his victory.

Accordingly, look to Iran or North Korea (or both) areas to heat up and even become armed conflicts in the coming days and months.

There are already signs that the Trump administration is gearing up and laying the groundwork to convince the public that war is necessary.

Remember the Iraq war? You know…. The one where the Bush administration stated categorically that Saddam Hussein had “weapons of mass destruction” and was determined to use them against America and its allies?

The Iraq war propaganda went into high gear, and succeeded in convincing a majority of America and its allies to invade the sovereign state of Iraq, destroy much of the country’s infrastructure, kill its leader, and then pay billions to Halliburton and other American companies to rebuild this man-made disaster.

And it was all built on a lie.

Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction.

Oops, we goofed.

To the victor are the rewards, and for the Bush and Cheney team, they were plentiful. From gaining re-election in the middle of war fervor, to the transferring of billions of dollars from the tax payers to large corporations like Halliburton (where vice-president Cheney was a former chief executive), the price of war was extraordinarily enriching.

Trump may be a lying idiot who has already made over 10,000 documented false statements at about the halfway point in his term , but he knows how to manipulate the public and the media with messages that resonate with his ill-informed base of supporters.

Starting a war is just what the Donald needs to divert attention from those mean democrats that want to actually see the Muller report and wonder why the president hasn’t released his tax returns (and what those may be hiding), as well as help assure his re-election.

The USA is very patriotic, and the Donald gets America into a war, then the flags come out and his re-election is in the bag.

Consider how the news of Iran is coming out. “Unsubstantiated” reports are suggesting that Iran is planning some sort of action against America or America’s interests, but no details have emerged.

America is sending more military to the region to counteract the rise in tensions, the root of which are still unknown.

Two oil tankers have sustained a “sabotage attack” but no details on what exactly happened or who is responsible are coming forward.

Does any of this seem familiar? If not, then review the buildup to America’s invasion of Iraq and the justifications for war… all built on propaganda and lies.

Unfortunately, Americans don’t remember their history very well. As a nation, we tend to make the same mistakes over and over again.

This defect in the American psyche is why Donald Trump will probably succeed in creating reasons to go to war, even if those reasons are false.

America is not always the good guy. Our leaders can be liars, manipulators, and cheats. And America keeps electing them.


Here we go again.


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