The 6 Best Places to Visit in Arizona

The 6 Best Things to do in Arizona.

Arizona is truly one of America’s treasures. It is full of wonderful things to see and do, with everything from sweeping vistas and scenic hikes, to artists colonies and relaxing resorts, to historical monuments and interesting museums. Below are the must-do items to add to your bucket list when traveling to Arizona:

Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon stretches across a remote part of Arizona roughly 80 miles from the closest towns. If seeing the majestic canyon is your top priority, the best option is to stay at Grand Canyon Village, a historic town on the canyon’s Southern rim built for the sole purpose of accommodating tourists. A designated national historic landmark, the village was built in 1901 when the Santa Fe railroad established a route and depot through the park. For a complete Grand Canyon experience, stay at the one of the historic and eco-friendly lodges within the park grounds.


Whether you only have a few hours in Sedona or an entire weekend or week to explore, you’ll find something to remember. Vortex sites and outdoor destinations make for great hikes, walks and adventures. Closer to town, museums and shops speak to the artist in all of us. If you are just passing through there is also a scenic drive to amble on.


More than a century ago, Jerome was the place to go if you liked to work in tight quarters hundreds of feet below ground. Now the former mining town is popular with tourists and populated by those whose talents (art, food, wine) are best suited for above-ground endeavors. Throw in the views, and you’ll marvel at this town that clings to a mountainside in ways that seem to defy gravity.

Petrified Forest

Thickets of coniferous trees, some as big as 9 feet in diameter and 200 feet tall, once towered over floodplains here. Sometimes, when those trees fell, they got washed downstream and buried. Over time, dissolved silica replaced the trees’ original woody tissue, slowly turning them to stone. Today those trees are the main attraction at Petrified Forest National Park, which sprawls across nearly 220,000 acres near Holbrook.


Whether you have hours, days or a week to explore, the area lends itself to design-your-own experiences. If you want to hit the highlights of Saguaro National Park in an hour or so, head to the park’s Tucson Mountain District and take the Bajada Loop Drive, an unpaved, well-maintained road. Stop at the Signal Hill picnic area and take a short hike up the ridge to see petroglyphs and a lovely view of the valley.


Payson is a charming town that offers visitors a cool time in a beautiful setting less than two hours from the bustle of Phoenix. It is well worth the trip. The area is laid-back, picturesque, and chock-full of ways to enjoy the outdoors. Be sure to visit the Mogollon Rim, which is even more beautiful than the Grand Canyon. Also, don’t miss the Tonto Natural Bridge, or the many biking, hiking, and fishing opportunities in the area.  As you come into town on Main Street, stop at the Payson General Store and CBD Outpost for maps, local art, guidance, refreshments, and CBD – now legal across the nation. And don’t worry… it won’t get you high!


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