Donald Trump: Sexual Predator – New Book Details a Lifetime of Abusing Women

Donald Trump: Sexual Predator - New Book Details a Lifetime of Abusing Women.

Barry Levine and Monique El-Faizy wrote “All the President’s Women,” a lurid, informative book, aptly subtitled “Donald Trump and the Making of a Predator.”

Fortunately for us, the authors bring unique expertise. Levine is a former executive editor of the National Enquirer. El-Faizy is the author of God and Country, which examined the rise of the evangelical community in the aftermath of George W Bush’s 2004 re-election.

All the President’s Women is breezy but heavy. Unlike Stormy Daniels’ 2018 bestseller “Full Disclosure,” none of it is entertaining. Not surprisingly, the White House declined multiple opportunities to rebut the book’s contentions.

It takes us from Trump’s days growing up in Queens to his arrival in the Oval Office and chronicles everything in between, mommy and daughter issues included. Much has been heard before, some is aired for the first time, little is pleasant, plenty is disturbing.

The book rests upon firsthand interviews, transcripts, court records, and prior reports. It also contains a detailed appendix that lays out its sources. Said differently, even if you are a hard core Trump supporter, believing at least 50% of  the book should be a no-brainer.

Among the book’s more lurid vignettes is a story of a younger Trump, nearly 40 years ago, frequenting a sex club maintained by the mob and pursuing a threesome with a porn star and a young girl. The allegation centers on interviews with an eyewitness. The sex club was allegedly frequented by rich and powerful men, including Trump. “Most of the women who worked there were porn stars,” says one man that used to work at the establishment.

The book also raises the possibility Trump may have left in his wake more than a few terminated pregnancies. David Cay Johnston, a Pulitzer prize winner and a Trump biographer, is quoted as saying that several women had pregnancies and abortions courtesy of Trump.

The book also contains allegations from a woman named Karen Johnson, who alleges that Trump forcibly grabbed her “in the pussy” at a New Year’s Eve party at Mar-a-Lago in the early 2000s and then kissed her against her will.

That allegation echoes Trump’s comments on the now infamous Access Hollywood tape where he boasted to Billy Bush how, “when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything. Grab them by the pussy.”

Porn star Alana Evans also claims in the book she knows of at least three former porn stars who say they were paid to have sex with Trump.

The claims in All the Presidents Women are sure to be controversial, not least of all because Trump has always steadfastly denied all allegations of sexual misconduct and called the women making them “liars.”

However, as evidence piles up, one must wonder if all those women are liars, especially when Trump himself admitted this behavior on the Access Hollywood tape.

The biggest question is, how do Republicans, once the party of “Family Values,” the Religious Right, and Moral Majority, dismiss all of the evidence that shows conclusively that Trump is really the antithesis of what they espouse.



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