Meet the Woman that is Recruiting 100,000 People to Become Nurses

Mona Clayton, The Nurses Pub

They say that not all superheroes wear capes, and that is certainly true for Mona Clayton… although she does don a mask, gloves and protective gear each day as she suits up as a nurse on the front lines battling the coronavirus pandemic.

But the suit that Clayton is most proud of these days is the one she puts on for business meetings, as she is the head of a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting nurses through a variety of programs.

As a registered nurse and the founder and CEO of The Nurses Pub – a non-profit organization dedicated to providing assistance to nurses nationwide, Clayton oversees a vast array of projects that support nurses and student nurses, including scholarships, meals for nurses on the front lines, distribution of personal protective gear, online career building seminars, child care recommendations, and even yoga classes specially designed for healthcare professionals.

But her biggest challenge at the moment is reaching her goal of recruiting 100,000 people to become nursing students and enter the profession.

According to The World Health Organization, more than one million additional RNs are needed by next year.

The nursing profession faces shortages for several reasons, including increased demand for care as the population ages and requires more healthcare services, high turnover among nurses and an aging workforce, and inequitable distribution of workers.

To help mediate this problem, Clayton, through her organization, is launching a campaign to attract 100,000 new nursing students. They are developing an “advertising, informational and inspirational campaign” designed to educate people about a career in nursing, and inspire them to enter this noble profession.

“There are few careers that allow people to give back to society and make a real difference, but growing up in South Central Los Angeles, no one ever told me about the nursing profession,” said Clayton. “Our goal is to encourage young and mid-career people of all backgrounds to consider a career in nursing. It offers not only stable and meaningful employment, but also provides a rare sense of satisfaction that enriches the soul, each and every day.”

However, mounting this campaign is not cheap. So the non-profit is looking for corporate sponsors to help underwrite the cost.

The Nurses Pub depends on support from individuals and businesses, and the coronavirus has put the organization into overdrive.

According to Clayton, large corporations like Amazon or GM or Coca-Cola, or healthcare industry companies such as Merck or Johnson & Johnson or CVS, could provide tremendous support to the nursing community by sponsoring her non-profit organization.

“We depend on the support of businesses and individuals in order to continue our work,” Clayton said. “The pandemic has stretched our resources to the limit, but we will never be deterred from our mission, and will continue to support nurses across the nation, especially during these trying times.”

To help support The Nurses Pub, a registered 501(c) non-profit organization, visit:, or call: (562) 537-1646.