Nation’s Leading Business Dispute Resolution and Sales Performance Specialist, Offers Tips on Surviving the Economic Downturn

Nation's Leading Business Dispute Resolution and Sales Performance Specialist, Offers Tips on Surviving the Economic Downturn

Scott Yahraus, one of the nation’s leading experts in business dispute resolution, receiverships, and sales improvement, is offering vital tips to companies to help them stay profitable during the coronavirus pandemic and subsequent slowdown in the nation’s economy.

Scott has unparalleled experience guiding companies of all sizes to successful outcomes stemming from partnership disputes, economic downturns, and court-ordered receiverships, and is an expert in improving sales and restoring profitability. He is one of America’s foremost managers in court ordered receivership and referee appointed cases, and is an expert in navigating complex business turnarounds.

With specific expertise in real estate, retailing, manufacturing, small business, and the legal cannabis industry, Scott is well equipped to solve the most complex issues.

“Often, company’s owners cannot resolve complicated issues due to in-fighting or changes in market conditions such as we are seeing today,” Yahraus said. “My goal is to solve problems, keep creditors and stakeholders satisfied, and return the business to profitability.”

Here are a few of his tips for companies struggling during the current economic downturn:

1. Analyze your burn-rate

Look at where your business is spending money, and consider if expenses are avoidable or necessary. Efficiency is critical to being successful and outperforming competitors. This is a golden opportunity to streamline operations and run more efficiently.

2. Consider the value of your time

An economic downturn provides opportunity for introspection. Assess your business, look at where you’re spending time, and calculate if the time is being used profitably. Remember the rule of MIT- what is the Most Important Thing to do at every moment.

3. Expand your knowledge

A slowdown in business can be used to gain knowledge that will help your company grow. Spend your time reading, researching, and digging through data to gain a better understanding of your market and your competition. This increased knowledge will pay dividends today and well into the future.

For almost two decades and during the current crisis, Scott has successfully solved complex business matters and guided companies toward improving performance and profitability.

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